Raid II : Quick Finish(?) - 19 Dec 15

--Kaylara --
As Erin jammed her blade through the giants stomach, he began to writhe cry out in agony.
Kaylara looked at him, half disgusted, half pityingly.
"Enough." Her voice brimmed with power, projecting it for all to hear. "Hear me now. This is what happens to those who oppose us. Heed it well.
Et pereatis in cinerem revertetur.
The giant howled, back arching as he slowly crumbled to dust and disappeared.
Without turning, she muttered so only Erin could hear. "Thanks for stabbing him. That wouldn't have worked half as well if he wasn't already half dead."
Ragnar stepped forward, his own sword in hand and a savage grin on his face. "So! Anyone else wanna play?"

--Inside the hideout--
"What the hell? That guy was supposed to be our ace!"
"Yeah, screw this. I'm out."
As several Syndikat members prepared to surrender, a voice sounded behind them.
"I think not."
They turned to see a man behind them.
"Prát se. Zabít. Zničit."
At his words, wards hidden on their skin activaed.
Piercing pain shot through them, destroying their ability to think. They became like zombies, desiring only to kill their foes.

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