Raid Gone Slightly Wrong - 19 Dec 2015, Unknown Location


"So! Anyone else wanna play?"
A small horde came charging out of the building.
"You just had to say that didn't you?" Erin snarked. She bound her magivis to see who these people were and what they could do and what she found was...disturbing to say the least. Several activated seals glowed on their bodies, seals with horrifying effects. Erin wounded the first handful that attacked her then bound camouflage.
She carefully examined the seal on the first one, a young man who looked no older than Emlen. The seal was complex and intertwined with the lad's mana, but carefully Erin broke it and extracted the threads of magic left behind. He was still in extreme pain, so she pressed Caora to the wound. The boy passed out.
She tried to do the same to the other four but the seals had been a part of them for longer and rebounded upon their hosts, killing them almost instantly. The druidess looked briefly around at the others - none of them were as young as this boy. They probably wouldn't survive having the seal removed.
Better to kill them then.
Unsheathing Dealga she bound camouflage on the boy and asked the elemental to keep him safe for a while.

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