Raid II : Berserk - 19 Dec 15

"You just had to say that didn't you?"

"What would be the fun otherwise?" Ragnar replied with a laugh.
He noticed she wasn't killing them for some reason, so he followed suit.

Kaylara too was incapacitating them.
"Hmm. Their mana flow feels off. What could-?"
She paused as she felt what Erin was doing to one of them, uprooting some kind of ward or seal.
Realizing the basics of what it was, her face clouded. "Disgusting." She snarled, angry at whatever lunatic thought such creations were a good idea.
"Ragnar, they're artificial berserks. We'll have to kill them."
Ragnar, who had just thrown a man to the ground, nodded. "Right. I was afraid of that." He said as he plunged his blade into the man. This wouldn't take long now that they were going for the kill.

About 20 minutes after the battle started, the three Immortals were the only ones standing.
"I swear, I'm going to find whichever bastard did this and rip them to pieces." Kaylara said with a snarl.

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