Raid II : Survivor - 19 Dec 15

"He was the only one I could save."

Kaylara and Ragnar looked at Erin, kneeling beside a young boy.
Kaylara knelt beside them, placing her hand on the boy's head. "Too young for it to properly take root, I suppose?" she muttered as she felt his mana flow, half question, half statement. The flow was disturbed, but appeared to be settling into normal patterns.
Ragnar frowned, looking at him. "He's young. I doubt he knows much, but we should interrogate him back at Camp."
Of course, by 'interrogate' he wasn't referring to torture. Not yet.
"Can you be sure he doesn't have a tracking device or spell?" Ragnar asked concerned. The protections around the Camp should obscure anything of that nature, but their foes already had too much information on them. Giving them even slightly more was foolish.
"I felt none." Kay replied. "Erin?"

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