Raid II : Clear Vision - 19 Dec 15

"Kay, you might wanna close your eyes."

Kaylara closed her eyes for a moment. She felt whatever it was Erin did, then 'saw' what she was seeing.
"Well, that's not something you see every day." She muttered quietly as she stared at the small seal.
The ability to see mana was linked to Druidry or being the follower of certain gods. And since Kaylara had no intention of going down either of those paths, she had taught herself to 'feel' the flow of mana.
Thanks to Erin though she could, for the moment, see it.
"Definitely a tracking spell. Odd though, it's old and fairly obsolete." She muttered to herself as she began to work on undoing the spell. "I thought all of Kircher's work was disregarded these days."
After about a minute she removed her hand and opened her eyes, blinking to clear Erin's vision from her own.
"Done. I didn't feel, or see, anything else." Kay said, shaking her head.

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