Illusions - 30 Dec 15

Kaylara frowned at Luke's words. He had a point, but honestly, until the two met it would be impossible to know what would happen.
"I suppose we will have to take some risk. If it comes down to it, I think we can contain one young warlock." Kaylara replied, unhappy with the situation.
Natsuko,who had just joined them, spoke up. "Perhaps I can help." She had a thoughtful look on her face.
Kay motioned for her to continue, interested.
"Well, I am a Zenko. We create illusions in order to teach lessons. I can use that here. Luke here meets with the girl. Once they leave the room, she will enter the illusion. While she's in it, we can see if she intends to betray Luke. Simple, right?" She smiled mischievously. It was also a good reminder to the Immortals that sometimes the simple solution was the best.
Everyone looked at Luke.
"Well, care to try it?"

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