Truthful - 30 Dec 15

Natsuko nodded to the other Immortals, all of whom were watching carefully.
"She's clear. If she had betrayed us in the illusion it would have trapped her there."
Ragnar nodded, giving Natsuko a look. "Thanks. Though you didn't mention the whole 'trapped in an illusion' thing before we agreed to this."
Natsuko merely smiled and winked. "Oh my. Did I forget to mention that? How silly of me."
Kaylara shook her head. "No matter. Now that we know she can be trusted, at least to an extent, we need to have her set up a meeting with this Owen."
She left the observation room and entered the room with Luke and the others.
"Well, young Justine, it seems you were honest with us. Now we need your help with something. We need to talk to Owen."

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