Owen MacTiernan - 30 Dec 2015


"Well, young Justine, it seems you were honest with us. Now we need your help with something. We need to talk to Owen."
Justine nodded, pulling out her phone. "What do you need me to say?"

~Somewhere in Ireland~

"Any word on the Hunters' location?"
Owen shook his head. "None. As far as the Syndikat witches can tell some kind of deity pulled them out but its trace was too chaotic to follow."
Jeffrey sighed. "Keep me informed." He exited the war room.
Owen sighed and rubbed his eyes. The last few days had been especially stressful. Jeffrey was furious, though he was trying to keep it under control, and the Hunters were proving to be nearly untraceable.
His phone rang. The warlock glanced at it briefly before answering. "Justine?"
"Owen, where are you?"
"Ireland, why?"
"How quickly can you get to my flat?"

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