Arrival and Exit - 1 Jan 2016


Jemma, Dmitri and Emlen had been practicing their skills on the training grounds with each other for the past couple of days since Kaylara and the others had gone off to the Syndikat base. They stopped now as they heard a small commotion from the main gate.
Jemma hastily sheathed Amara and sprinted off towards the entrance, the boys on her heels. Word about the unexpected trip to England had filtered down to them from the Senior Huntsmen but the rumors had been vague and lacked details.
As the Hunters began climbing out of the vans Jemma noticed both Elenwen and Luke now had sizeable facial scars, Elenwen more so, and there was a new girl in their company, possibly in her late teens.


"You said this was urgent, Owen, what is it?" Jeffrey asked, scanning the multitude of faces within the war room, at least twice as many as usual.
Owen, who was studying the map, looked up at his approach. "I see you're back, what did you find?"
The MacTiernan leader shook his head. "False alarm. That's not why we're here though, so what is it? Spit it out."
His brother sighed. "Jeffrey. We're brothers. I have followed your orders ever since our father was killed. However a few moments of recent history have led me to the conclusion that you are unfit to lead this clan."
Jeffrey's face darkened. "Excuse me?"
"Jeff, you're ruthless and you're cruel. You're a damned good strategist, I admit it, but you don't give a single damn about anyone other than you."
The warlock's fingers twitched. "Owen, be very careful with your next few words. There's a high chance they'll be your last."
Owen glared at him. "Your son is dead, Jeffrey, Luke is dead, and you're the one that killed him."
"He was a bastard, a mistake!" Jeffrey roared, a pistol appearing in his hands. "His life didn't matter."
Many of the MacTiernans summoned weapons of their own.
His brother's voice was low and hard. "You're insane, Jeffrey. Luke was just a kid, he didn't do anything." Owen's voice became deeper now and layered, like multiple people were speaking at once. "You have no regard for human life. You have murdered your son. You are banished, Jeffrey MacTiernan, from the clan and your titles are stripped from you. If ever you return, you will be killed."
Jeffrey began swearing but he was already gone before he could finish his sentence.
The weapons Owen's kinsmen had summoned vanished as they turned to him, relieved expressions on their faces.
Owen himself sighed. He certainly hadn't looked forward to doing that. But it was done now and he was the new Patriarch of the MacTiernans.
He just wished he'd had the strength to do that a month ago because had he then maybe, just maybe, his nephew would still be alive.
But as it was Luke had not died completely without cause as his death had spurred on Jeffrey's banishment.
Owen turned to the man nearest him. "Send word to the Hunters. We need to talk."

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