Lesson - 01 Jan 16

Myrine looked at her students, all of them lying on the ground in various states of exhaustion.
"You are all doing fairly well, all things considered." She remarked, causing them to look up at her.
Some of them, like Dmitri, looked skeptical at her words.
"Oh, it may seem the opposite to you, and you all have quite a ways to go to be considered true masters." She smiled, an oddly comforting smile considering her normal demeanor during training. "But you have all taken the first step towards that goal. Unless you become Immortal, you will never obtain the level of skill that comes with centuries of practice, but you each have the potential to rival Miyamoto Musashi." She looked at each of them, her tone carefully measured. "Each of you has a long road ahead. You will suffer pain and loss, heartache and regret. You will encounter true evil, and it's darkness will terrify you. But do not falter. Because if you do, all you love will be lost. Hold your head high and trust in the skills you will forge through harsh training. That will never fail you."
After she finished, she blushed slightly. It had been a couple of centuries since she had made a speech such as that.

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