Owen - 1 Jan 2016


"So, I have to ask. You both know Owen differently. What kind of guy is he? He was willing to take a huge risk turning against Jeffery MacTiernan, but why?"
Luke shrugged, glancing at Justine. "Well, he's the kind of person who cares more about his people's wellbeing than pride or reputation or a grudge. He'll fight but he doesn't enjoy it. As for why he turned against Jeffrey..." the warlock sighed. "My dad's done more than a few questionable things. He killed my mother as an example. There's a rumor he may have killed his own father for power. My point is he's a good strategist and tactician but he holds no regard for human life. And he can hold a grudge for decades. With him in charge there's a higher likelihood MacTiernans will die over something petty, like a grudge. Owen doesn't want that."
"You're forgetting something," Justine continued, picking up the discussion. "Owen cares about Luke a lot. He's like a son to him. But now not only has Jeffrey killed Emer and possibly his father, as far as the MacTiernans know, he's killed his only son too. And from what I've heard from Liam he didn't give a shit about doing it." She crossed her arms, her anger about it obvious.
Luke smiled grimly. "Wonderful father don't you think?"

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