Favors - 01 Jan 16

Thomas smiled crookedly. "I'm gonna be honest. It sounds a lot like some Greek tragedy. You sure Homer or Plato isn't narrating your life? Maybe a spin off of Macbeth?"

While the others were enjoying a break, Ragnar and Kaylara were making calls.
The MacTiernan family had banished Jeffery, but he was still alive. And that meant he was still dangerous.
So they were calling in favors, hoping to find him before he could build a new power base.
"Yes, Devana. If you can find him, the debt will be clear."
"Well, one goddess of the hunt on the look out. Any luck with Artimis?"
Kaylara sighed. "No. She's busy. Apparently someone has been creating Spartoi and Zeus wants them hunted down."
They looked towards Erin, who was sitting nearby with Cyril.
"Know anyone who might help?"

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