Unicorn - 2 Jan 2019


Nina smiled, beckoning with her hand. “Come on, come with me. I won’t hurt you.”
Before her the unicorn nickered, rustling his mane. He’d wandered here to this forest outside a small hamlet only recently but there’d been enough local sightings to rouse the attention of a nearby coven of semi-hostile witches.
Which was why the team of Hunters were now trying to relocate him to a safer reserve where the witches would have a harder time catching him.
“Come on,” Nina repeated, taking a small step back into the undergrowth.
The horned stallion snorted and stamped but stayed put.
“You’re doing fine,” came Nathan’s voice over the comms. “Just keep going. He’ll follow you.”
Nina nodded, taking a few more paces. “Come on.”
The unicorn shook his mane again, then took a hesitant step forward.
She suppressed a sigh of relief. “That’s it, come on.” A little further.
The unicorn obediently followed.
“How far to the paddock?” Nina asked quietly, using the same cajoling tone as before.
“Not far. Just keep going the way you’re going.”
She nodded again, leading the horned equine further and further away from the town and threat of grumpy old witches.

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