Complications - 2 Jan 2019


"Doubt that would go well."
Luke smiled. "At least she hasn't tried to kill you."


Minutes had passed since Nina began leading the unicorn. They were nearly to the paddock.
“What’s the coven up to?” Nina asked quietly, carefully picking a path through the shadowy underbrush.
Silence from the comms.
“Carson? You there?”
More silence.
“Carson. Report.” Nathan’s voice.
No reply came from Carson.
“Damnit. Emil, find him. Nina, stay put.”
Suddenly ropes lashed out of the bushes, most missing but a few snagging around the unicorn’s neck. The massive stallion reared, catching Nina’s shoulder with his hoof and throwing her to the ground. All the air left her lungs with a grunt at the impact.
“Nina? Nina, come in.”
“Hey,” she gasped, sitting up. The unicorn had flung her clear of himself and into the knot of roots beneath an ancient tree, which was considerate, but she had a feeling her shoulder would be useless for a while. “The witches showed up.”
“Get out of there.”
She shook her head, still gasping. “Can't. We're surrounded. I'm hurt.”
More ropes shot out from the shrubbery, snaring the stallion’s legs and neck. He reared again, shaking and stomping, his breath coming out in short snorts as his hooves thundered and churned the earth and his tail whipped back and forth.
Nina hauled herself to her feet, her left arm cradled against her chest. For a moment she fumbled in her pocket before finally digging out a small stylus and drawing a small rune on the back of her hand. That done she assessed the situation.
The unicorn was completely panicked, thrashing the air with his hooves. He’d pulled several of the ropes around his limbs free from the witches and a few around his neck. The witches were approaching slowly. Probably afraid of getting kicked Nina realized.
“How close are you?” she whispered.

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