Sam meets Lilith

As the woman at the bar was arguing with the bartender and the man with a broken nose Sam turned to them. “Hey barkeep, can I get the bill?”
Then he realized what they’d been saying.
“Hey Sera, I know what we should do now,” Sam said, addressing the woman beside him. He gestured for her to follow him as he walked over the the other woman and clumsily slid down onto the seat next to her.
“I heard something bout a wild man?”
She raised a brow. “Who's asking?”
“Sam and Sera at your service,” Sam replied. Sera waved with a smile.
“Well I was ​gonna do this by myself but I guess a little bit of help would be nice. I’m Lilith.” The woman smiled and offered a hand.
Sam shook and smiled back. “Let’s go. That wild man won’t kill himself.”
Lilith’s grin widened as they all stood up and headed out.

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