Family Part 2

"I feel great but, I would feel better if your Hunter friends would back off a little and by a little I mean fall off the face of the Earth."
That was Asesino, Sera's quite literal demon of a brother. He had died in a fire when he was three years old and was sent to Hell in the filing error of the century. Because he had spent much of his time sense then with only demons, he had trouble telling right from wrong and at times seemed to be more than a little crazy.
"How is Sam, dead I hope?" Asesino said as he sauntered forward, leaning against a fence outside the alley.
"No, he's not dead." Sera sighed.
Asesino had always disliked Sam for putting her in danger and disliked the Hunters for a similar reason.
"Shame, why do you hang out with him again? Why haven't you left the Hunters?"
"I like my job. I do research and I protect innocent people and despite what you say about demons most demons are rotton to their very soul."
"Then what am I?"
"We both know that your being in Hell was a mistake. We figured that out years ago."
"Or maybe that angel just saw something in me that no one else had."
"You're not evil. Stop trying to act like it."
Asesino was always trying to act worse than he really was. Growing up with demons as a demon had made him see them as examples. He wasn't that bad of a person in reality. However, the combination of his upbringing and the loss of sanity had made him gain a little bit of a dark side that even Sera couldn't deny.
Asesino shrugged "So, why did you call me?"
"Does a sister need a reason to call her brother?"
"I suppose not."

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