Not Dying - 2 Jan 2016


"Don't die on me."
"Trust me, I don't intend to. They seem more interested in the unicorn anyway."
As she spoke the witches had managed to gain control of the equine.
Nina heard a twig snap behind her. "What-?"
As she turned a rope caught around her wrist, jerking her backwards. Another rope snagged her neck and immediately began constricting. Black dots swam in her vision as she stumbled, staggering, before leaning her back against a tree to keep herself from falling over. Vaguely she could feel the rope begin to coil around her, holding her to the bole of the oak and squeezing.
Nathan's voice came over the comms. "Nina? Nina! Nina come in!"
Nina tried to reply but the rope at her neck halted any attempt at speech.
She couldn't breathe.

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