Fighting The Wildman

Lily walked out of the bar, polishing her favorite dagger, as she planned out different ways to kill a Wildman. She'd never fought a Wildman before, but one of the pirates she had trained with had used to live in England. Jakb had been one of the greatest Wildman killers of his town, before he had lost his hand. And leg. And eye.
Lily remembered when she had just joined the pirates aboard the Serpent's Curse, the entire crew took turns telling her stories of the monsters they had faced. The Wildman, she remembered, was known for its ability to not be affected by magic, whether enchantry or damncraft. It was also insanely strong, as they regularly lifted large boulders to make crude defenses against the outside world. Their skin was known for its strength as well, meaning not much could cut it.
Lily strolled down the muddy road, ignoring the stares of the locals, wondering who the demon-freak was. "So," Lily said, turning to the man next to her, "You want to help me fight a Wildman. If you can't take care of yourself- just warning you- I'm going to use you as bait."
The man next to her nodded. "You got it. What's your name, again?"
Lily slipped the dagger into her boot. "It's Lily, short for Lilith Gracelyn Rostova."
Sam nodded. "I've heard of you. They said you took down a Minotaur in Greece with your hands tied behind your back."
Lily smiled at the memory. "Unlike most stories of daring escapades, most of mine are true. Including that one."
Sam nodded again. "So, Miss Rostova-"
Lily cut him off. "No Miss, just call me Lily. Formalities are for the cowards trying to seem powerful, or for those who have earned true respect from those who give the title. I am neither."
"Well, Lily, then, what can you tell me about Wildmen. I know that their skin is almost impossible to pierce. Anything else?"
Lily let out a dry laugh. "Yeah, magic doesn't work on them."
Sam's eyes widened. "Well, that's going to be a bit of a problem."
Lily shrugged. "I was taught well. Besides, I have Inferno and Iustitia."
"My swords. Not to change the subject but we must discuss payment. I have already arranged for my money. I assume you would like a cut?"

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