The Rescuer That Needed Rescue But Now Doesn't

As Oscar ducked behind a tree he unfortunately had little to no clue on what he should do and cursed himself knowing he had gotten ahead of himself again and was gonna pay for it. He looked out from his hiding spot and immediately ducked back as he saw three knifes flying at his face. He took out a clay sphere and molded it into a shape resembling a frag grenade and took out an actual grenade. Suddenly everything slowed down as he focused on the two objects. Oscar chucked the clay sculpture and the actual grenade shortly followed it. He smiled as the witches took the bait as the clay sculpture was shot right before it hit where all the knives and rope were coming from. What they failed to notice was that the actual grenade was close enough for quite a bit of shrapnel to fly into the bushes; he saw blood flow from the bushes and onto the forest floor and could hear faint gasps of pain. Oscar ducked back behind the tree as he knew that retaliation was soon to follow.

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