Recovering - 3 Jan 2016


"Sure. I'd be glad to meet him."
The drive back to the MacTiernan base was short. The mages had already gotten to work on repairing the buildings, but the damage from Jeffrey's attack was still very evident. Luke led the way to the Infirmary where Owen was waiting.
"How is he?"
Owen shrugged. "We were lucky. If Thomas and that druidess hadn't helped he'd've died," he said, then turned to Thomas. "For that I thank you."


Lea had finally figured out her feelings towards Thomas McAllister. It had taken much introspection and soul searching, but she had done it.
She liked him. And not just in the general sense that he was a good person—which he was—and she respected that—which she did. She liked him in the sense that she felt giddy whenever he was near and thought almost only of him when he wasn't. He was heroic and brave and capable and he'd been concerned for her when she took the lightning.
She was falling in love with him.


Nina sighed and practically collapsed onto the couch, wincing slightly

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