Recovering II - 3 Jan 2016

"For that I thank you."
Thomas gave a slight bow. "It was no more than you would do for us. We are, after all, allies." He grinned. He wasn't the type to get overly embarrassed by gratitude, but it wasn't often Hunters were thanked by outsiders. "We simply did what we thought was right."

Kaylara sat quietly meditating in her room. After the events of the last few weeks she had decided to go over the reports from the last few years. Unfortunately, her hunch had been correct. There was a marked increase of incidents all over the world. And in the severity of them as well.
Someone, or several someones, were putting a lot of effort into drawing attention. What she couldn't decide was why.
"Maybe it's time we got a bit more proactive." she muttered quietly as she stood. It was about time for dinner. Maybe Ragnar and Erin would have some insight.

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