Recovery III - 3 Jan 2016


"We simply did what we thought was right."
Owen nodded, leading them into a more private room in the Infirmary. Liam was sitting upright in the bed with his back against the headboard, reading a book of somesort. He looked up as they entered, putting the book to the side. "Hey."
"Liam, this is Thomas McAllister, one of the Hunters," Owen introduced. "He helped save your life. Thomas, this is my son Liam."
Liam offered a hand. "Nice to meet you properly, seeing as I wasn't exactly awake last time."


Erin closed her eyes and placed her palms on the cool grass outside the main Camp building.
//Greetings Druid//
Argen replied. //Query : Need?//
//Answer : Woman/Druid/Injured/England/Query : Status?//

Images of Elenwen flashed through Erin's mind, her shoulder and mouth bloody.
//Answer : Wounded/Healing/Recovering//
//Query : Other Need?//
//Answer : No/Farewell//
//Farewell Druid//

Erin opened her eyes to find Kaylara standing nearby. "I was asking an elemental to check on Elenwen," she said, standing and brushing the dirt off her knees.
The druidess shrugged. "She's healing at least. So why'd you need to talk to me?"


Nina looked up as Nathan entered the safehouse. "Are Carson and Emil back yet?" she asked.


Having previously discovered that not only did the skeletal warriors she summoned provide a decent offense but also great killable sparring opponents, Jemma had summoned a dozen of the skeletons for Emlen, Dmitri and herself to train against. The trio had been working on a way to combine their various skills - Emlen as an earthcrafter, Dmitri as a charmer and Jemma with the various powers gained from divine heritage.
"Ready?" Jem asked, tightening her grip on the hilt of Amara. The other two nodded. She grinned.
The skeletons charged.
Jemma summoned a large tiger as she engaged with one of the Spartoi. Dmitri quickly cast a charm on it, sending it after two skeletons trying to overpower Emlen. Jem sent a few shards of crystal in the same direction, knocking the limbs off some of the skeletons.
The fighting quickly became more frenzied as the three teens synchronized their attacks. Dmitri charmed a small lion that clambered out of the pit. Jemma ducked a stroke and blocked a following strike by pulling up a barrier of garnet. Emlen launched Dmitri into the air with a short column of stone, giving the charmer enough momentum to crack the skull of a skeleton.
Once all that remained of the Spartoi were several cracked and scattered bones Jemma dismissed the animals and began reversing the protrusions of rock she and Emlen had created. "That was fun."

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