Planning II - 3 Jan 2016


"It's been a helluva mess lately, but I can't say I'm unhappy with how it turned out. We gained some valuable allies and took care of some pests."
"My homicidal uncle didn't happen to be one of those pests, did he?" Liam asked.
His cousin shook his head. "No, Jeffrey got away. Nearly killed a friend too."


"Frankly, I'm at a loss. All I can think of is to step up our operations and try to keep a lid on it."
Erin shrugged, beginning to eat some of the food herself. "I thought the decade was starting to get interesting," she muttered. "Especially with Menhit showing up, Hercules and Thor having a bar brawl and the Orochi being released. Stepping up our game is probably best considering how many times the young ones have been injured lately."

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