The News

Claire was sitting in the kitchen bored out of her mind. It was a clear day and she had an open schedule, but with the car getting fixed she couldn't go anywhere. Her grandmother was knitting in the back room and she didn't think that she could move her for anything. She was mistaken.
There was a knock on the door and Claire jumped out of her seat. Eager for something to do, she flung open the door in the hopes that an a mailman or some of her friends from the town would be standing there with a distraction. Instead, there was a tall blond man standing on her front porch.
"Hello, I'm Alex," he said.
He shuffled his feet, clearly nervous. "We were going to call you, but I thought it was better to deliver this news in person." He twisted his fingers.
"Liam was shot by Jeffery."
Claire felt a sinking feeling in her stomach and clutched the doorframe. Liam had been shot. She almost didn't believe it, but knew from the look on Alex's face that it was true.
Claire whipped around to face her grandmother who was standing in the kitchen behind her, face red as the blood she looked about to spill.
"How long ago?"
"It just happened yesterday." Alex flinched, realizing too late the flaws in his wording.
She was livid, "Yesterday?! Why didn't you tell me sooner?!" She launched into a rant, pushing past Alex on her way out the door. Claire followed her out.
"Grandma, where are you going?" She asked.
"To Liam!" Shiori called over her shoulder.
"Liam? He would be in the infirmary by now. You can't mean to walk all the way to the Mansion?" Claire said, surprised.
"That I am!" Shiori said, matter of fact.
Claire knew that she was set in her ways and there was no way she could get her to change her mind.
They walked up to the MacTiernan Mansion an hour later. Shiori banged on the door. The door opened and they rushed to the infirmary.
Liam was in cot against the wall. He had bandages around his chest and they were soaked with blood.
Claire ran to his side, nealing down next to the cot. Shiori's face was on fire.
"When I see that no good son of mine..."
She exploded, "And what were you thinking getting hurt!" Reaching into the pocket of her cardigan, she produced a ball of yarn.
Liam paled.
Shiori hurled the yarn at his head.
Liam couldn't dodge and so it bounce off his forehead.
"Was that really necessary?" He asked, calmly. Shiori walked over beside and the group began a quiet conversation amongst themselves.
Owen stood by the doorway, bewildered and forgotten.

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