Planning IX - 03 Jan 16

Thomas looked at Lea curiously for a second before taking another drink. She seemed distracted by something. Not that he blamed her after the last couple days. "Tomorrow or the day after. I'd like to check in with Owen one last time and finalize some details. After that we go home."
He was looking forward to it, though he was sure Miss Kay and Ragnar would have a few words about some of his mistakes.

Kaylara laughed a little sadly. "Yes, it would be nice to meet some old friends. Though I hope Arthur has lightened up a bit since then. Always a bit too stiff, that one." She grinned at the memories of times long gone.
"Was he really that bad?" Ragnar asked, finishing his own food and setting the plate aside. Arthur Pendragon was before his time.
"Oh, yes. Not at first, but after that bitch Guinevere ran off he got really solemn. I tried telling him." Kaylara replied with a sour look and a shrug.

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