Meanwhile, in Purgatory

A grim reaper stood before some newly arrived souls in purgatory.
"Hello, my name is Grim Eugene. Welcome to the afterlife," he said, in a nasally voice."
"Who are you?"
"Is this heaven?"
"I thought that I was supposed to be reincarnated!"
"Settle down, settle down," he said, pushing up the glasses inside his hood. "My name is Grim Eugene," he pointed to the name tag on his white collared shirt to emphasize his point. "You are now in purgatory, which is neither heaven nor hell, but is a little like a lobby between the two. Here you will be assessed and sent to your respective afterlives. Come along, don't be afraid. You're already dead."
He pulled one of the women under what looked like a metal detector. It flashed. A sign flashed above the machine before stabilizing at:
"A good Christian! Here is your ticket to heaven!" He produced a shimmering gold ticket. "Continue straight ahead and you should find yourself in front of a train. Get on the train and you will soon find yourself in front of a huge staircase. Climb that staircase and you will be at the pearly gates!
The souls, no longer afraid, rushed toward the machine. Grim Eugene scanned them one by one.
"Ah! A Christian as well, but you don't seem to have done anything remarkable in your life. I'm sorry to say that you're one of the most boring, bog standard people that I have ever scanned. You will be staying with us for a while. This card shows the number of prayers you have left before you can leave. Let's hope you're well remembered!"
"Hindus take a left and get their karma assessed. Good luck in your next life!"
This continued for quite some time until the end of the day was reached.
Another grim reaper approached. As opposed to Grim Eugene's black hood, she wore a white hood and a white dress. Another thing about her , one difficult not to notice, was that unlike the other reapers, her hood showed her face. She smiled at Grim Eugene, blue eyes sparkling and blonde hair shifting in a sudden breeze. This was Alice, the Grim Reaper's only adopted daughter.
"I'll take over for you Grim Eugene!"
Happy to be off, he bid her well and left for dinner.

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