Back to the bar

It's been a few days since Sera had met up with Sam and summoned Asesino. She walked out of work feeling pretty good. She had spent much of her day taking practice shots at the shooting range. She hadn't gotten much work and the town seemed pretty calm. She figure that it was the perfect time to see how Sam's job had gone. If she remembered correctly, he had gone to take out a wildman with a woman named Lilith. She really worried about him sometimes. He had to know better than to go of with a woman that he just met! However, she knew that she had nothing to worry about. Lilith had seemed nice enough and Sam could take care of himself. If she timed it right, she could stop by her house on her way to see him. There she could pick up some research materials that she needed to return and get them back to the library after she saw Sam!
Once the books had been safely deposited in her bag, she noticed a fire outside her front window. The ground opened up and Asesino rose. She rushed out to meet him.
"Hey, Asesino! What are you doing here?"
He turned to face her, "Do you remember those poppies that I picked at the flower festival?"
She nodded
"Well, I've been trying to grow them down in Hell and as you would expect, it's much harder than growing flowers on the mortal plane. I've come to pick up some fertilizer."
"That still doesn't explain why you chose to pop up in my front garden."
"Less people will notice than if I appeared at a street corner and you don't seem to mind it."
"As long as you stay away from the roses."
She started off and he hurried to follow. "Where are you going?"
"I'm going to see Sam and if I don't get going now then I won't get to."
"Probably better if you didn't."
She glared at him
"What? He's a bad influence!" He said, defensively.
"You're one to talk."
Despite Asesino's protests and attempts to stop her, they soon found themselves in front of The Creek.
"I still don't understand why you followed me all the way. You didn't have to come." Sera said, as they entered the tavern.
Asesino grumbled and followed behind her as she walked up to the bar where, as she had suspected, Sam was sitting. While the service was terrible an it looked like no one had cleaned in years, Sera had to admit that from what little she drank, she could tell that The Creek had some pretty good beer and knew that Sam would be back. She tapped on his shoulder.

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