Seals and Souls II - 4 Jan 2016

Kaylara nodded. She actually hadn't thought of Cal's solution, but theoretically it would work.
"If that's your wish, we can do it." She closed her eyes, sinking herself into the magic, examining the structure of the seal. "Well, maybe not here, but we can shore it up for now." Her voice was thick, slurred from concentration as she tried to very, very carefully adjust the spell.
"I'll give.... you credit .....Morrigan. This seal is.....very....interesting. Ah-ha!" Her eyes snapped open, a triumphant look on her face.
"That should hold until we can get it fixed properly." She looked at the two Druids as she sat on the ground. "Enjoy a few minutes. Talk. I need to take a break. Morrigan, do you have anything to drink?"

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