Meanwhile XII - 4 Jan 2016

Ragnar stepped back from Luke's swing, allowing him to regain his footing. As he stood, Ragnar took a vicious overhead swing forcing Luke to raise his shield. As it rose across his torso, Ragnar froze his swing and snapped off a froze his swing and snapped off a front kick, striking the shield dead center.

"That's true. I suppose I'm luckier than I thought," Thomas replied thoughtfully. "Though it rarely felt like it. I almost died alot." He shrugged.

Myrine was careful not to smile. Jemma was truely a gifted student. Even as she was beaten soundly again and again, she managed to keep her cool, though there were signs of frustration.
Truely, there wasn't much more she could be taught. What she needed now was experience. True life-and-death experience.

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