Meanwhile XIV - 4 Jan 2016

Ragnar stopped as Luke stumbled. "Ok. Take a break, then we switch up sparring partners. We'll do two on one fights." He grinned. It would be fun.

Thomas nodded. "Yeah. We must be nuts to do it. But I wouldn't miss any of it for anything."

Myrine nodded as Jemma stood up yet again.
"Very good. But remember, there are times when not fighting is the better option."
She focused her killing intent onto Jemma so strongly that the demigod paled and even Dmitri, who was near by struggled to breathe. Both of them were like a mouse before a snake, knowing that any move would result in death.
Then Myrine released it and gave a smile. "There's always someone or something stronger than you, young one. Don't let pride kill you. If you face something like that, run and live to fight again."

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