Meanwhile XVII 4 Jan 2016


"So, Luke. Will you be staying here long term, or returning home?"
Luke sighed thoughtfully. "I dunno, actually. I'll probably go back eventually but for now..." He shrugged.


"Yeah. The stuff I've seen and done, the places I've been. No one who lives a normal life could even imagine."
Elle nodded. "I'm sure I haven't seen nearly half as much as you, what with being chased by the Illuminati half the time, but I've seen a lot more than most. Luke's probably got us both beat though." Her grin turned wry. "Though I dare say he's got a leg up thanks to being born into a hunter family."


"You, lad. We're gonna need to train you from scratch. You're not bad, but your foundation is a bit lacking."
Dmitri looked somewhat resigned at Myrine's words, prompting Jemma to grin. He stuck his tongue out at her. Generally, they acted like children.

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