Two Souls, One Body - 5 Jan 2016


Fionn woke with a groan. He was no longer in Tír na nÓg and his surroundings were far from familiar.
You're in Kaylara Eldsteen's Vault in the Hunters' Camp.
The young druid sat bolt upright. "What?"
This is where Kaylara modified the seal that contains me so you wouldn't die.
"Who are you?"
Callum Thorne, a druid like yourself. Or I was.
"What happened then?"
A series of memories flashed through Fionn's mind, memories that weren't his. He witnessed from Cal's own eyes his death at the hands of Círdan.
Your mother volunteered you as a vessel for my reincarnation. She placed the seal containing my soul on your back. Had it functioned as designed your soul would be gone and I would be in total control. I didn't want to kill you though so I had Kaylara modify the seal. This way I stay in it but I can talk to you and give you advice. And on occasion switch, if a situation is dire enough.
"Interesting. So we're at the Hunters' Camp?"
More memories poured through Fionn's mind, all of Cal's memories about the Camp, followed by memories about all those in the Raven's Nest Circle and a few Hunters they'd become friends with. It took a moment for Fionn to process it all.

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