The hunt is on.

Tyran's head snapped towards the source of the sound. "Well bother...seems I've become prey..." Tyran's head raced with possibility. If the hunter was Odin he had a chance. He had a plan to deal with Odin that may even give him another chance at a god level relic...but if it was Ullr and Skadi he was in for the fight of his life.
Tyran turned back to Kaylara only to notice another person with her "Your warning is appreciated huntsmaster...I believe it is time for me to run...adieu!" Massive red wings sprouted from his back and he took off into the air. As he gained altitude he started to take on his larger full draconic form. White smoke bellowed from his mouth as he flew over the bar and trailed behind him. It was his idea of camouflage to mortals making him look like an airplane leaving behind contrails.
He headed west out of Boston as quick as his wings could take him"

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