Downtime Discussions - 5 Jan 2016


"He did fairly well. Better than I expected him too."
Cyril nodded. "He was certainly trained very well from a young age. How much more do you think you could teach him?"


Erin had run into Elenwen and Emlen in the library earlier and Elle had told her about the conversation with Thomas she'd had the day prior about druidry. Erin had then decided it would likely be best to speak with Thomas about it herself as she knew there were likely a few things Elle had forgotten to mention.
The druidess smiled as she knocked on the open door to Thomas's room. "May I come in?"


Fionn quickly came across a young woman neither he nor Callum had met before in the kitchen. After both took several minutes to explain who they were they started on the topic of what had happened since Callum's death with Justine doing most of the explaining.
"And Thomas and Cerulea went on a hunt recently and she got hurt but I don't know what exactly happened. That about sums it up."
Fionn nodded. "Thank you, Justine."
She shrugged. "No problem. And call me Tina if you don't mind."

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