Downtime Discussions VII - 5 Jan 2016


"Yeah. That part did appeal to me. But I know every power has a cost or restriction. I'm not a fan of that." He replied.
"I understand. There are few laws in druidry, but unless you or someone else can convince her to make an exception, best scenario Gaia will cut you off if you break one of her laws. Worst scenario, she kills you. There are also inherent dangers in the magic itself - as the abilities are derived from the tattoo, if the tattoo is damaged the abilities are unusable until it is repaired. This may not seem too bad, but if the human zoomorphic that allows you to return to your natural form is broken and you change to another form…you will be trapped as an animal and your humanity will die a slow death of regressing to animalistic base nature.
"And if you manage to avoid angering Gaia and damaging your tattoos there's always a chance a local elemental or Gaia herself will possess you as a means to interact with mortals."

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