The Most Adorable Couple

"So, this is your girlfriend!" Owen said.
He pulled out a chair and sat down at the dining table. Liam had finally recovered enough to leave the infirmary and Otylie had come to bring him home, but not without first serving them all soup which everyone was now happily gulping down by the gallon. Liam's left arm was held up by a sling. They estimated that he would be fully healed in another week, but until then, any movement involving his left arm would be painful. Otylie would have to help him quite a bit considering that's his dominant arm. She stood behind him, massaging his shoulders as he ate.
"That would be me." She said, in response.
"I've heard that my son's been teaching you to use a sword."
She laughed, "Yeah, I bet it's going to be much harder to teach me now."
"This soup is good!" Claire commented.
"So, how are those beans coming?" Shiori asked.
"Great, another one grew today! I think I'll name it after Owen because I met him today."
"You name your beans?" Owen asked.
"I have a bean for all of my friends!"
Liam smiled up at her, "I think that I'll head to bed. We can leave in the morning."
She smiled back, "Sounds good, Lee."
Later that night, Claire was wandering through the halls in search of the kitchen when she spotted Liam in the next hall over. He had a blanket draped across his shoulders like a cape and was heading back in the direction of the bedrooms, still wearing his day clothes.
"Whats with the blanket?" she asked, trying not to laugh.
He turned to face her, "Otylie put it on me and now I'm never taking it off." He said it as though it was a fact that should be treated with the utmost seriousness.
"Alright then."
He turned back around, blanket swishing, "The kitchen is that way."

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