From the bar to the library

Sam jumped, "Sera! What a pleasant surprise! What are you doing here?"
Sera looked pointedly at Asesino, "We came to see how your job went. Wasn't it about a wildman?"
Sam glared at Asesino, "Why did you bring him along?"
"He wanted to come."
"Yeah, well he can get lost."
Asesino looked up at him from his place behind Sera, "I would like to return the sentiment," he said, "and offer my condolances at the loss of your dignity."
They both sneered in equal distain.
"Sister, when are we leaving this brute?"
"Who are you calling a brute?"
Sera shook her head, "I have some library books to return. If you're done with your drink you could tell us all about the wildman on they way there."
Sera looked up at the granite steps, sighing in relief at the fact that no one had died on the way there. "You wait here. Casper will throw a fit if he finds either one of you in the library." She went inside, hopeing that this time they would listen.
She slid her books into the return slot and began her search for Casper. She found him on the second floor of the library, shelving some books on an upper shelf.
"Hey, Casper!"
He looked down and upon seeing her, put down his books and climbed down to meet her. "Seraphina, what can I do for you today?"
"I just came to return some books and thought that I would see how you were."
"How thoughtful of you."
He was about to ascend the steps once again and continue shelving his books when a shelf of them fell atop his head.
"What are you doing up there?!" he shreeked.
There, on the top shelf of the bookcase, was Sam.
"Got bored."
"Where's Asesino?"
A crash was heard in the dinstance. "Excremento llameante!"
They rushed to the first floor to find Asesino, head in hands, bookcase on the floor.
"Oberon, I need to update the wards."

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