Possibilities For the Future II - 6 Jan 2016


Erin had been thinking about Thomas's particular case most of the night, granting herself very little sleep. She sighed as she entered the kitchen to find Kaylara already wide awake and reading something.
"You're up early," the druidess muttered, beginning to make herself some coffee. "What's that?"
Kaylara shrugged. "Contact. The States' government have started their own organization for our line of work and they're requesting we train together."
"Ah." Erin grinned. "Something tells me our training's a little rougher than theirs. Regardless, there's something I'd like to speak with you about."
The older immortal nodded. "I assume you're referring to Thomas."
"Yes, I'd hoped he'd spoken with you by now." She drained her coffee and set the mug in the sink. "A thought occured to me last night. While Thomas becoming a druid would work greatly to his benefit, there are a large number of risks involved. However, as I discovered a few months ago, there are ways to use druidic tattoos without the connection to Gaia. It would lessen the risks. And, depending, give him the option of customizing his own magic."


Ophelia looked up as her friend entered her small office. "Naomi, hey. You're...not in a cheerful enough mood for this to just be a friendly visit. Do you need my help with something?"

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