A Great Many Things

Perenelle turned around a darkened corner. She stopped, waiting. There had been someone following her for hours. She figured that now was as good a time as ever to figure out what they wanted.

Otylie jumped from the counter with a pair of mugs that she placed atop it. She pattered over to the oven where a kettle was whistling. She poured the tea into the cups and carried them to the armchair in which Liam was sitting.
"Are you doing well?" she asked.
He smiled up from his book, "I'm feeling much better."
He put the open book in his lap and took a mug from Otylie, who sat down in front of him with her own mug.
"It was nice to finally meet your dad." she said sipping from her mug. "I really hope that he liked me. He seemed like a nice man."
Liam glanced down at her. "Of course he loves you, Tylie. It's impossible not to."
Otylie grinned, "Awwww, that's adorable. I love you too, Lee." She leaned over to kiss his knee.
Liam looked down at her. "Now I feel cheated."
She giggled, standing up to kiss Liam, on the lips this time. She walked back to the kitchen with her empty mug. "We got a call earlier."
Liam hummed, "What about?"
"Something about the Illuminati and Tartarus."
He jumped to his feet.

Sera pushed Sam and Asesino out the door. "Again, Casper, I'm really sorry about all the trouble they've caused."
Casper huffed in distain. Sera had helped lift the bookshelf, but knew that neither Sam nor Asesino would sit down while she helped shelve the fallen books. The phone rang.
Casper looked down from the library ladder. "Seraphina, can you put that on speaker for me?"
It was nearly closing time and everyone had left. Sera walked over and answered the call.
"Hello, my name in Nikolai Redpheonix. Can I speak with the director?"
Casper called over his shoulder. "No, but I can take a message."
"The Illuminati plan to open Tartarus."
"Thank you for the message, have a nice day."
Sera looked between Casper and the phone in disbelief. Casper waved for her to hang up and she did, stunned. "Did he say Tartarus?"
"That is indeed what he said. Now, I think that you should leave before those two decide to come back in."

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