Encounters IX / A Great Many Things II - January 6th, 2016

*Karayan Maxorin*

Karayan smiled when Perenelle halted in a darkened corner to confront him. "Good morning," he greeted. His was voice soft and seductive, almost like a cat's purr.

*Jaylen Catseye*

"I'm sorry, I'm not sure what's come over me."
Alena exchanged a glance with Jaylen. "Oh. Forgive me," the vila said apologetically. "I don't have much control over that."

*Carmilla Icari*

Carmilla violently threw open the doors of the mansion's main hall. "Forgive my tardiness," she called. "Another rendezvous ran late. Zeric, Raphael, come with me. We're ending that strigoi tonight." With that she quickly left the room, not stopping to see if the others were following.

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