A Great Many Things III

Liam's grip tightened on the phone. The screen was black and no matter what he did; nothing seemed to work. Otylie put a hand on his shoulder.
"Don't worry, I'll take it to get fixed and with any luck it'll be working by next week and you can see who called. Then you can call them back."
He passed her the phone. She was right, of course. If it was important, the caller would have contacted other members of his family. He would wait for other MacTiernans to call his cell about any similar calls. After all, it could have been a prank call. The Illuminati was famous in the New World as well as the Old. It could have been anyone on the other end of that phone. Otylie's right. It's better to wait.

Sera stumbled out of the library. The Illuminati were going to open Tartarus. She didn't know what to do with that information. Casper was supposed to relay all messages to the director, but with the way he was acting she wasn't sure he had even heard it, simply answering automatically and operating on autopilot. However, he had always been a bit of an eccentric and the unusual was his everyday. He could have been perfectly fine for all she knew. She didn't think she would be if it were her bookcase that had been upended, but she would just have to trust Casper to do his job. After all, what could she, an ordinary researcher, do?

Perenelle crossed her arms.
"An Incubus, how peculiar. I wasn't aware that there were any in the area."
Karayan glided closer, causing Perenelle to move further into the corner.
"I'm new to it. Perhaps you could show me around." He grinned. He brought a hand forward, reaching for Perenelle. She ducked out of the way, pulling a pin from her hat. She thrust it out towards Karayan.
"I don't think I will. I fact, you won't be seeing this town for a very long time because I've been with my husband six hundred and seventy-five years. I won't ever betray him." She glared.
Karayan smiled.

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