A Great Many Things IV / Encounters XI - January 6th, 2016

*Karayan Maxorin*

"I've been with my husband six hundred and seventy-five years. I won't ever betray him." She glared.
"Very good. I was quite hopeful you'd say that." Karayan's smile widened into a grin. "It's rather disheartening when women drop their lovers on a dime."

*Jaylen Catseye*

"No, you're fine. I'd forgotten about that." He glanced down at his watch, frowning slightly. "Is there anything else you needed me for? I have to get back soon, or they might suspect something."
Jaylen nodded, turning back to the building. "Nicholas wants a profile on that wereowl assassin you mentioned - Nightfall, I think - because several other doubles look like they were attacked by owls."

*Carmilla Icari*

Carmilla's mouth twitched in the slightest hint of a vicious grin as she and the two other Kinslayers traveled to the strigoi den. "Be careful," she warned. "The sun's up, so we can't rely on alternate forms. However, we can drag these walking corpses out into the light to burn. Give them a taste of Hell."

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