Possibilities For The Future XXIX - 6 Jan 2016


"Of course. Though I suspect you and Thomas will be doing the majority of the work with that," Kaylara replied with a wave.
Erin nodded in agreement and left.


"What's up?"
Lea smiled somewhat tiredly as she entered. "Well, it's been almost a year since I visited my parents. I was going to wait a few more months but the witch broke my amulet so I'm hoping to go back sooner and get a new one. I was just wondering, would you like to come with me?"


"Oh come on. Now you have me curious." She said, raising a brow. "Though it is good to know that griffins and chimeras will be a bit more wary of me."
Ophelia shrugged. "It's just..." she began, then sighed. "I'm not sure the person who told me is the most reliable source of information and I don't want to give you false or inaccurate information about your aura."

~Somewhere near Harper's Ferry~

Several children had fallen prey to the manticore, yet it still seemed no one was the wiser to the tutor's true identity or purposes in the area. They hadn't yet found the remains of the children either, most of them just being presumed missing. The monster smiled hungrily. So far, so good. There were yet to be any bothersome Hunters sniffing about. And he was determined that when they showed he'd make a meal of them.

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