Possibilities For The Future XXXI - 6 Jan 2016

"Well, that's because we weren't announced." Nathan replied with a shrug. He noticed the slip, but didn't comment on it. "Let's be honest. How many people would believe it if you told them monsters still ran around? I wouldn't have until not too long ago." He gave another shrug. One thing he had noticed, people who grew up in this world took it for granted. They didn't realize that the majority of people didn't believe in monsters, not really. "Besides, we aren't necessarily looking for 'secret agents'. But you do have a gift that might be able to help. You have knowledge we might need. You may know people that can help us, be it with knowledge or other things. That's all very important."

Thomas blinked in surprise. "Yeah, of course. That would be cool." With everything that had happened lately, he hadn't even thought of visiting family. His own mother had no idea what he did for a living, so it was a bit odd to him. "When do you wanna go?"

"Well, I'll keep that in mind," Naomi replied, turning into the parking lot of a small building. "Still, that applies to any information really. Even the most trusted source, like say a reputable book on a certain subject, may be incomplete or even false." She smiled at Ophelia. "For now, I'll trust you as a good source."

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