Possibilities for the future XXXIII / Encounters XIII - 6 Jan 2016

Levi paused for a moment, mulling over his words. What Agent Hawke said made sense. He knew from personal experience that people tended to freak out when even something so little as his icecrafting interrupted their 'normal' lives. For a whole organization dedicated to the supernatural to be revealed... those who even believed it would not take it well. "Well I suppose I don't have much better to do. Working for an organization that calls itself 'SPECTRE' sounds a lot more exciting than explaining why the McDonalds ice cream machine doesn't work"


Zeric raised an eyebrow at the warning. "Well if the job was easy," he said in a low voice, "then it wouldn't be any fun." With a faint click he extended the long silver claws on his gauntlet and followed her in.

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