Possibilities For The Future XXXIV - 06 Jan 2016

---Thomas ---
"Well, so long as Miss Kay doesn't have anything pressing, we can go whenever you want," Thomas said after a moments thought. Hunters learned to stay fluid in their schedules and he had no projects that needed attention right now.

-------Naomi -----
Naomi grabbed Ohpelia as she hit the ground. "Can you tell me where?" she asked, looking around for any sign of movement or panic. One of her hands went towards her weapon, hidden under her jacket.

-----Nathan -----
"Does anyone even have an explanation on why their machines are always down? I just assumed they bought them for looks." Nathan asked with a grin. "You'll have some paperwork to fill out, but it's just standard stuff. We have a lot of leeway on hiring. One of the perks of not officially existing I suppose."

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