Possibilities For The Future XXXV - 6 Jan 2016

~Cerulea Galva~

"Well, so long as Miss Kay doesn't have anything pressing, we can go whenever you want," Thomas said after a moment.
Lea crossed her arms and leaned against the doorframe in weariness, groaning softly as she put pressure against her sore arm. "Honestly," she said, the word slightly slurred from tiredness, "I'd rather wait a few days, if you don't mind."

~Ophelia Rambaldi~

"Can you tell me where?" she asked.
Ophelia shook her head, groaning. "No, I wish I could," she managed, her voice exceedingly strained. Suddenly her empathy flared once more and the pain increased as she cried out in agony. The level was high enough she lost her control over her ability to manipulate others' emotions, causing anyone nearby to feel a portion of the pain she felt. This included Naomi Hawke.

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