Possibilities for the future XXXV / Encounters XIV - 6 Jan 2016

Levi nodded. "Of course. Where do you want me to fill it out? Do you have an office or something? A website?"


Zeric walked into the den, alert to any sign of danger. The first thing that struck him was the smell. Normally the scent of blood and rotting flesh wasn't something that disturbed him, but something about this place was much more... foul.
His thoughts were interrupted when an animal like growl reverberated off of the wooden walls, seemingly coming from multiple throats. He was suddenly tackled from the left side, sending his kopis clattering to the ground. Zeric was able to twist mid air to land on his back, leaving both hands free. The strigoi on top of him uttered a sharp his, then lunged forwards to bite down onto the dhampir's throat.
Growling in return, the hunter slashed his silver tipped claws across his attackers face. The strigoi uttered a cry of pain, then stumbled backwards,one hand clutching its sizzling wound.
Zeric climbed to his feet, drawing his dagger as he went.

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