A Great Many Things IV

Perenelle stuck the pin back in her hat and repositioned the small yellow feather that it held.
" I'm glad to hear that. Some incubi don't respond well to refusal. I'm relieved that you have more respect."
Karayan stepped out of the corner, " I never take from those unwilling to give. I rather enjoy it when I meet a faithful spouse because although it leaves me to find another prey, it makes me happy to see such devotion."
"I should hope your ideas catch on then." Perenelle said following behind him. "It just occurred to me that I don't know your name."
Karayan turned, offering his hand. "My name is Karayan Maxorin. Don't worry about telling me yours. I am of course aware of the esteemed Perenelle Flamel. Your reputation precedes you. I'm glad to hear that your love has stayed so strong after all this time."
Perenelle shrugged before shaking Karayan's hand. "If it's not broken, don't fix it. Besides, I couldn't ask for a better companion. We have been through so much together. It would be a waste to throw away such a relationship."
Karayan nodded, "I feel the same. I myself am in a committed relationship with a Rashaki named Rynn Elesme and have been in this relationship much longer than you have been alive."
Perenelle smiled, "I'm happy for you. Would you like to stay for dinner? My husband and and I enjoy having guests and I'm sure that we would both love to hear more about your love and your travels."

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