Encounters XV / A Great Many Things V - January 6th, 2016

*Karayan Maxorin*

Perenelle smiled, "I'm happy for you. Would you like to stay for dinner? My husband and and I enjoy having guests and I'm sure that we would both love to hear more about your love and your travels."
Karayan smiled gratefully. "That's very kind of you, but I hope you'll forgive me if neither Rynn nor I eat anything. I cannot consume human food without becoming ill, and Rynn's preference is for monsters, usually live ones."

*Carmilla Icari*

Carmilla hissed as one of the strigoi tackled her, throwing both of them through one of the wooden walls and pinning her to the ground. "Get off," she growled, lashing out with her rapier. She landed a blow that bit deep into the creature's collarbone and it jerked away, howling, nearly ripping her shoulder out of its socket as she tried to keep her sword. This proved to merely enrage the strigoi, who once again pinned Carmilla before she could rise, though this time it made sure to hold down her sword arm with one hand. The other it clasped around her throat, digging its nails into the side of her neck. She now struggled to breathe.
"Weakling," the creature hissed, then released a sharp yelp of pain as salt shot tore into its back. Carmilla took the opportunity to free her arm and shanked the monster, rolling the rotting corpse off her. She looked around. Raphael was fending off three strigoi simultaneously with his handguns. Zeric had lost his sword but had managed to gut several of the monstrosities with his gauntlet and dagger. And standing right in front of Carmilla, weilding a shotgun likely loaded with salt shot, was an ordinary human man. Probably a hunter of some sort who thought he could manage an entire strigoi nest on his own. He was staring at Carmilla in disbelief, and she realized that where the strigoi had punctured her neck with its nails a mixture of blood and green venom leaked out.
"You-you're a-" the hunter stuttered out, his grip on the gun unsteady. "You're one of 'em too?"
Carmilla raised a brow. "Do I look like a walking corpse to you?" She took a step forward.
"Don't come near me." His hands were shaking. "Don't you come near me, vamp."
Carmilla sheathed her sword. "There is no need to aim that at me, human. Clearly we are also trying to kill these strigoi and it's more difficult if you threaten to shoot me." She took another step forward.
The hunter fired.
Salt shot slammed into Carmilla's stomach, throwing her back through the wall a second time. "You bastard," she hissed, already up and immensely angered. The wound was already healing but the pain did not help calm her temper. With a wordless growl Carmilla lunged at the hunter.

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